New single from Khalidi

20-year-old Forat Khalidi is now ready with his second single ‘Feeling Some Way’. Like the debut song ‘Hold Me’, it is the UK producer trio The Lab, which is behind the production.

Forat Khalidi has grown up with Gospel and RnB and his vocal school has been Youtube’s many videos with the big old stars, but there is no old fashion on Khalidi’s own music. The first song ‘Hold Me’ offered a ghetto-popped EDM track, which alternated between a razor sharp fake and distorted voice samples.

That’s where ‘Feeling Some Way’ has come up with a really interesting result. It just sounds different (not to say original). The verse is stripped all the way, and Khalidi’s voice guides through the first 16 strokes exclusively accompanied by a waving synth echo. The percussion lands heavily and asynchronously with a crooked and pushing beat, which evolves continuously through the song with surprising tempo shift. The listener is kept on the toes all the way through the minimalist and distinctive production.

When every sound is supposed to be something, there is just no room for a lot of them, and the characteristic voice of Khalidi also has its unique space in the sound image. Vocal recording and production was performed by Moses Fiellau (Moses: “Andreas”), and the song was originally written in Denmark by Forat and Malthe Rostrup (Silvester), and then further developed by Forat and The Lab. The LabĀ and Khalidi have found each other a sound and a style that can get really exciting experiments and brew more hits, and they are now in full swing writing and producing songs for an upcoming EP release.

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