Magnus Vil is back!

Back in 2015 and 2016, Magnus Vil found in the Danish radio with his songs ‘Hey Homie’, ‘Frihed’ and ‘Ind I En Uber’. With his guitar and bright falset voice, he combined singer-songwriter genre with funked elements and classical pop, which was featured on his release  EP ‘NAIV’ from September ‘16.

Since then, Magnus has been a little quiet in the public while being a productive songwriter in the studio. On May 19th, Magnus Vil will hollow a new chapter with the release of his single Lad Vær At Svar’. The single is also to be found on the forthcoming 2nd EP. Unlike the songs on ‘NAIV’, the new single has turned up for the electronic synth elements in production, but the good pop song still shines through. The songwriting and lyrics are simple and effective and supported by a dynamic production that alternates between a silent groove, guitar and hard-wearing synth.

The theme of ‘Lad Vær At Svar’ may most probably recognize. A relationship is over and yet not … An ex-girlfriend you can never completely let go and keep ending up with – although both parties know nothing about it.


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