Tyrants & Kings

Tyrants & Kings celebrates the classic rock n roll virtues in their gloomy and loud universe. First and foremost, Tyrants & Kings plays rock n’ roll although the folk music also remains an essential part of Tyrants & Kings.

Tyrants & Kings started as a country jam on the ruins of the ambitious Royal Highness but the great rock n’ roll voice of Dennis Kasten was not to be suppressed and so a new rock n’ roll group was started called Tyrants & Kings.

The band has previously worked with producers such as Joe Baressi (Queens of the Stone Age, Bad Religion) and Alain Johannes (Arctic Monkeys, Chris Cornell).

The backbone of the quartet is the focus on the warm, raw sound and spontane execution of their music which is also evident on their third album “Run March Burn!” (2014). The album was recorded 100% in analog by the members who were also responsible for producing and mixing the album.