NovemberDecember is energetic and persuasive folk-pop from Denmark, combining elements of the early seventies’ songwriting with a mournful yet embracing Scandinavian vibe. The equally uplifting and melancholic sound allures the listener in its wrap of strong vocal harmonies, swirling guitar fingerpicking and percussive eruptions.

NovemberDecember has five members: Peter Sejr (songwriting, lead vocal, bass), Steffen Lundtoft (songwriting, lead vocal, percussion), Mikael Sort (guitars, pedal steel, vocal), Esben Inglev (guitars, mandolin, vocal) and Casper Simonsen (drums, vocal).                                                                                                                                

The band has been touring widely across Denmark, playing concerts as different as SPOT Festival and small living room sessions, winning critics’ acclaim due to their vibrant live performances.

In 2014, the group released their debut album “From the Swing Into The Deep” which was followed up by two singles released in 2016; “Fire” and “The Storm In Everything”.