ROXY JULES releases her first EP

Today ROXY JULES will release the 4-track EP ’Still Falling Through The White’. Since 2011 ROXY JULES have released four full-length albums and with a constant lice presence she has given numerous along the way. Her melodic compositions mixed with noise-rock as well as industrial rock, ROXY JULES has her very own powerful yet femine expression that is truly unique. 

Behind the name ROXY JULES you’ll find Danish singer, musician and songwri-ter Julie Runa and on the coming EP she has teamed of with four different producers, here amongt the great artist and producer trentemøller on the lead single ’Jocelyn’. Combining trentemøllers deep insights in garage rock, electronic and noise-rock with ROXY JULES soft vocal and distorted guitar, ma-kes up one of the strongest songs in ROXY JULES catalog of more than 40 songs. On the song ’Porous & Ivory Black’ she has teamed up with Thomas Bertelsen known for his solo project TOM And His Computer and the duo Lulu Rouge. A natural collaboration as ROXY JULES features on several songs on TOM And His Computers latest album ’Future Ruins’ (2020), which btw is rele-ased by trentemøllers personal record label In My Room. 


ELBA releases second EP

You may have already stumbled upon the Danish Pop artist ELBA at Roskilde Festival in 2019, at Copenhagen Pride, or at Alive Festival the same year. Maybe you heard her on the radio, who diligently have played her single ‘700 Angels’ on both P3 and P4 since it was released in May. Even several German Radio stations, hereinunder Bayern 3, has opened their eyes to her obvious talent, who is now ready to release her second EP today. Common to these different media are their predictions that the 26-year old Dane’s career has just begun.

ELBA’s musical universe contains unique originality that makes her stand out as a special talent on the Danish pop scene: “Tell me that this is not some of the very best Danish pop music ever made for a long time”, the radio host on Danish National Radio P3, Michael Bernhard said, about the song ‘700 Angels’.

Ellen has, according to her own statement, become more comfortable sharing personal narratives than before, and it is precisely this newfound approach to songwriting that binds the songs on the EP together:

“I have started to dare to talk to others about the things I am going through and therefore I can put myself more in the center in the music – even though it may feel private and unbelievably nerve-wracking to extradite myself in that way”.

Eik Octobre releases EP

With three neoclasssical EP’s on his back, Eik Octobre is now ready with his 4th EP titled ‘Simple Circles’. It lays out Eik’s musical vision and philosophy: repetitive yet constantly evolving, patiently buidling and melodic compositions. His love for strings and piano sounds is on the EP mixed up sounds from the electronic music world. On the opening track ‘Building’ the sound design equally endorses an electronic beat and synths alongside the piano and breathtaking strings arrangements. The 2nd song of the EP ‘Shell Shock’ beginds with a pulsating synth creating a chill-out like atmosphere whilst patiently building up with both piano and strings. Tha final track ‘Falling Apart into Someone New’ is a warm sounding fusion between the ambient and the classical, combing which again makes its own special blend of modern neoclassical chill-out.

When wooden classical sounds from the violin, viola, cello and piano meets the synthesizer and the drum machine it creates a new sounding meditative atmosphere, which does not give up on its classical heritage. And as always Eik Octobre’s eminent talent for composing melodies that sticks to the mind is evident throughout the EP.

Faunea releases new single

Today Danish artist Faunea once agains invites you into her dystopian pop-universe when she releases the single ‘Addicted’. Back in January she released the single ‘CRZY’ which, among other things, gave her airplay on Danish National Radio. Together with ‘Addicted’, these two singles makes the foundation of her upcoming debut-EP.

Based on her first single, Faunea has made a name for herself in several places on the Danish upcoming music scene, including performances at Uhørt Festival as well as airplay on Danish National Radio P3. She lately also released the track ‘Sound of Breaking’ which have a vital part of the Netflix series Tiny Pretty Things.

Ghost Coast Choir out with debut album

The project was created by the two Danes Gustav Rasmussenand Thorben Seierø Jensen with the desire to bring the classical choral music into a modern context. All the material on the album is composed and written by themselves. I quick listen will only reveal what seems to be traditional classical choral music, but when you lend it your ears it will open up in several directions . Gustav and Thorben both have a background in indie rock and world, and in Ghost Coast Choir, they spice up the choral sounds with samples and manipulations from old tape machines and analog guitar effects. The result is a layered and exciting listening experience. The album has been created over a 2-year period and is recorded with the Danish choir Ensemble Edge.