Vida Sophia

Vida Sophia is a universe of melancholic pop. Behind the deep intriguing vocals and dark pop anthems is femme fatale Nathalia Sophia Barat. Her dreamy lyrics and electronic landscape has given her a central spot on the Danish indie-music scene.

In 2016, Vida Sophia released her grand debut EP called “Soundtrack” which Vida Sophia has described as the soundtrack to a heartbreak, with powerful and vulnerable songs constantly moving between lines of love and hate.

Already from the beginning, Vida Sophia gained much attention when the first two singles achieved radio airplay on Danish Radio P3 and P6 BEAT. In 2016, she returned to London to play a showcase at The Old Blue Last courtesy of VICE Noisey. Additionally in 2016, Spotify Scandinavia chose Vida Sophia as one out of 20 for their Spotlight 2016 campaign, highlighting new Nordic talents.

Since the debut of her EP, Vida Sophia has also released the song “Capella”. The song was accompanied by a music video created and produced by New York based Kamil Franko whose previous work include the music video for David Lynch’s song “I Know”.