ROXY JULES  was started by Julie Runa who also has a past in SPEkTR and Marybell Katastrophy. Julie grew up in the north western parts of Jutland where the raw nature by the sea was her source of inspiration as well as her nearest neighbor. 

In 2011, Julie Runa released her debut album under the artist name ROXY JULES. ROXY JULES contains hard edges and dreamy moods together with Julie’s expressive vocals.

Julie’s upbringing in the midst of dramatic nature is also expressed in ROXY JULES which combines the contrasts of the beautiful and melodious with the raw and powerful both in her music and lyrics.

ROXY JULES has also been support for acts like Kitty Wu, Marie Fisker, The Broken Beats and Mikael Simpson.

In 2016, ROXY JULES released her third album “ROXY JULES III” which balances on the edge between distorted guitars, heavy beats and a porous and fragile vocal.


  • ROXY JULES (2011)                                                                                 
  • ROXY JULES II (2013)
  • ROXY JULES III (2016)