Eik Octobre

Copenhagen-based pianist and composer, Emil Christensen, has been playing the piano since his early youth, but recently the melodies shaped itself into his own pieces under the moniker of Eik Octobre. Even though he works with classical instruments, classical music was hardly ever heard around his childhood home. His approach to piano and musical style is based upon the philosophy of strong simplicity and therefore his pieces can sometimes even be played by beginners, but the music comes from a much more complex and sophisticated place.

The compositions of Eik Octobre consist of a Norse melancholy that yearns for something unknown and describes a state that is best explained and understood without words. The sound is based on an spproach to playing heard in the works of e.g. Swedish artist Jan Johansson. The sound is organic and honest, with a focus on strong melodies and harmonies. 

The recent works of Eik Octobre put itself in the slipway of neo-classical artists such as Nils Frahm, Ólafur Arnalds and Philip Glass, introducing a new generation of artists with a more patient and simple approach. 

With his latest single ‘Take Me Somewhere Else’ from 2019, Eik Octobre has made a world hit that streams worldwide and has taken his career to a new level.