Convex & Facaden

Convex & Facaden is the name of a new duo on the Danish hip hop scene. During the past couple of years, the two guys have worked on their solo careers i the Danish hip hop underground. Together they now take a big step forward with their project Convex & Facaden. 

The Aarhus born rapper and producer Convex and the Silkeborg based rapper Facaden, met each other at an event back in 2014. They quickly decided to make music together and have since then, sent music back and forth with the purpose of finally making their own musical universe. Convex is responsible for the catchy choruses and melodies while Facaden delivers the innovative verses where lyrics and flow are in focus. 

Together they have created a style solidly rooted in hip hop with traces of RnB and pop – a style they themselves define as ‘hippop’.

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